Members’ publications

Publications by AEDE members

These pages collect references to the most recent publications by AEDE members. AEDE members can send the references of their publications on info (at) economicsofeducation (dot) com (it is possible to include a web link if the publication is available on-line). Publications are organized according to tracks. The list of topics included in each track can be found below.

Track description

  • Track 1: Demand for schooling, educational finance and equity:
    • Demand for schooling and school choice
    • Equity and inequality
    • Education market, competition
    • Comparative education
    • Intergenerational mobility
  • Track 2: Management and educational planning:
    • Educational finance and management
    • Quality indicators. Rankings
    • University Governance
    • Third mission
    • Entrepreneurship and educational organizations
    • Comparative education
    • Education policy
  • Track 3: Educational production and efficiency:
    • Education production
    • Efficiency and productivity
    • ICT and e-learning
    • Determinants of academic performance (educational outcomes)
    • School failure and drop out decisions
  • Track 4: Education and labour market:
    • Labour market and School-to-work transition
    • Lifelong education and vocational training
    • Education mismatch
  • Track 5: Monetary and non-monetary benefits of education:
    • Returns to education and economic impact of education
    • Human capital, growth and economic development
  • Track 6: Miscellaneous:
    • Education and gender issues
    • Immigration
    • Satisfaction. Happiness

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